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Catalog 2023

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PRODUCT CATALOG • 2023makeitmidcentury.comMid-Century Style Building Materials & DIY Kitsdoors | shutters | laminate | tile | fabrics | home

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Exterior Door KitsOur DIY exterior door kits come with all the screws, gasketing, and nails required tofinish your kit perfectly – just add the door (see page 15). All of our frames and moldings are made from hardwood selected specifically tohandle exterior exposure that can be finished with either paint or stain. We only use thick, tempered glass in our kits for your safety and to meet currentcode requirements. We have clear, frost, and reed glass with dual pane optionsof each. (Please note that not all kits can be created with all options.) Becauseweknowaccidentshappen,ourkitsaremadesothattheglassisreplaceable.With so many kits to choose from, we know you’ll find yours.Alice Alicia Angela Anita Ann2

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CarolynConnieBarbaraCarrieDeborahBeckyCherylDeniseBettyCindyDianeBrendaCarolClaudiaArleneEileen Elaine Elizabeth EllenDonna3

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Evelyn Gayle Gwen Janet JaniceJean Jo Julie Karen KathleenMargaret Marilyn Marlene Martha MaryLaurie Leslie Linda Louise Marcia4

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Maureen Melanie Michelle Monica NancyRegina Robin Rose Sandra SharonPamela Patty Paula Penny RachelSherri Shirley Susan Teresa Terri5

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Tina Valerie Virginia Wanda6Undeniable Curb Appeal!Our customers are the best and send us photos of their amazing hometransformations. We hope you will, too!

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Interior Door KitsOur DIY interior door kits mimic throwback patterns and designs. We provideall of the parts, glue, directions, dimensions, and pieces, just add the door(see page 15). The type of material is up to you! We can make the kits out of variegatedplywood with decorative edges or medium-density fiberboard (MDF) whichis a great alternative if you plan to paint your kit. The plywood comes in Walnut or Maple finish. For select designs, the rodsand half-balls are also made of hardwood. Our kits can also be applied to a wall for a wow-factor, three-dimensionaldecorative accent!Retro-fy your interior doors today!AudreyJoyceBeverlyJaneBonnieLynnDebbieIreneDorisChristine7

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8Rosemary JoanKimberly JanShelly SuePeggy BethRuby DawnTammy KimRosa JillJudy JoyWendy JuneRhonda HelenSally KayVicky RitaLisa MarieLisa Marie is customizable to whatever text you would like to see in the sign portion. Please contact us for details.These four beauties highlighted by the dashed bracket are part of our Donna Mibus line of designs. Check out Donna’s artwork at DonnaMibus.comRebecca DarlenePatsy AnneDebbieIreneDorisChistine

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Garage Door KitsAre you the type of person who loves to make an entrance? What if, everyday when you pulled into your garage, you smiled because – WOW – yourgarage looks so amazing! Our DIY garage door kits tie together the exteriorlook of your mid-century home and come with everything you need. These kits come in two styles: one for raised-panel garage doors and onefor flat-panel garage doors. We use an exterior grade, composite material rated specifically fordurability and direct exposure to the elements. Our material has the bonus of being a green, recycled product. Everything comes to you pre-primed and paint-ready.Why live with a boring garage door?Carl David9

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StephenJames RobertAnthonyCharlesDonaldFrankGregory10

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WalterKenneth LouisWilliam11(ABOVE) A finished William Kit. He’s so handsome!

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ShuttersSome mid-century homes call for shutters. You just can’t find mid-centuryshutters anywhere! Well, we’ve got ‘em. Our shutters arrive to you withdetailed directions to show you how to measure and mount them. We make our shutters from a recycled composite material suited forharsh outdoor exposure. Our shutters come pre-primed and paint-ready. We supply the invisible brackets and screws to attach to the shutter andyou supply the right anchor for your house material.Dress up your home today!Peter Patrick Richard Thomas Larry Joseph12

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Roger Douglas Henry Arthur Johnny RoyJack Dale Ronald Gary Terry Lawrence(ABOVE) Sample shutter with primer fresh from manufacturing.(BELOW) Installed Richard Thomas Shutter.13

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LaminateNo, you’re not in your grandmother’s kitchen – sparkle laminate is back fromthe past and here to add some retro-chic sheen to your countertops. Our laminate sheets are 4’ x 12’ in size and 0.040” thick. The backside of the sheets are pre-sanded and ready for glue installationto an underlying material either horizontally and vertically. Our flake pattern is completely random and is made of actual inclusions,not printed look-a-likes. Inclusions are available in gold, silver or goldand silver The laminate surface comes in a satin finish for a slight sheen.Go ahead. Unleash your inner sparkle!14PinkDark AquaSky BlueBlackRoyal BlueDark VioletLime GreenLemon YellowRedDark OrangeKelly GreenGrayWhiteLight AquaBrite PinkMedium Violet

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Decorative Ceramic TileWhether you are starting from scratch on a mid-mod bath or just want toadd a little bling to your existing powder room, we have you covered. Our tiles come in traditional 4 ¼” x 4 ¼” or 3” x 6” subway style in bothgloss and matte finished. We’ve designed our tiles by decade – and thrown in some modern designsjust for fun. 1940s – 1970s, we’ve got what you need! Need something a little custom? We can do that, too.Who says time travel is science fiction?15ArgyleSemi-Gloss1940s

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16Argyle (cont.)MatteGingham FruitSemi-Gloss & MattePlaidSemi-Gloss & MatteRandom StripesSemi-Gloss & Matte1940s continued

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ClocksSemi-GlossMatte17Diamond SparkleSemi-GlossNeed a custom color?Our patterned tiles are made to order. Need a custom color? We can do that. Wehave a library of 432 colors to choose from, so chances are we have your color.1950s

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18Diamond Sparkle (cont.)MatteHave an idea for a tile pattern?We can make that for you! If you have an idea, we can make it reality. We also havedifferent sizes and types of tile than we show on our website. Looking for somethingdifferent? Just ask.Semi-GlossFish Net MuralMatteSemi-Gloss or Matte1950s continued

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19Four StarSemi-GlossMatte1950s continuedMini-StarsSemi-Gloss

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201950s continuedMini-Stars (cont.)MatteRingsSemi-GlossMatteSquare StarsSemi-Gloss

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211950s continuedSquare StarsMatteStarburstSemi-GlossMatteSubway StarsSemi-Gloss

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221950s continuedSubway StarsMatteSemi-GlossMatteBrazilDiamonds Not So RoughSemi-GlossMatte1960s

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23Eye RoundSemi-GlossMatte1960s continuedFork & SpoonSemi-Gloss MatteSemi-Gloss MatteOh, My!Did you know? We can color coordinate our tile with our line ofSparkleLam™ - just ask!

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Semi-Gloss24MattePyramid PowerSemi-GlossMatteRadioactiveMatte1960s continued

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25Semi-GlossMatteSpiro1960s continuedSemi-GlossMatteSpiro Subway

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26MatteTic-Tac-OhSemi-GlossMatte1960s continued1970sCorner BowSemi-Gloss & MatteHippySemi-Gloss & Matte

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271970s continuedSemi-Gloss & MatteLaunchSemi-Gloss & MatteMushroomsSemi-Gloss & MatteNoodleSemi Gloss & MatteOpArt

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281970s continuedSemi-Gloss & MatteSwirlModernSemi-Gloss & MatteChevron SubwaySemi Gloss & MatteChevronsDid you know? Thesetiledesignsmaybeconsideredmodern,butthey are perfect for your mid-century, too! Using mid-century colorways andpatterns of the era, you’ll love the look in your kitchen or bath.

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29Modern continuedSemi-Gloss & MatteFlowersSemi Gloss & MatteOvalsSemi-Gloss & MatteSubway Color Block(RIGHT) A close-up of a smattering ofour four-star tile in this A+ bathroomremodel.(LEFT) Our customers are the best –and this amazing bathroom remodelis one of the highlights. A brand-newbathroom that you can’t tell isn’toriginal – including our Four-Starpatterned ceramic wall tile.

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FabricsIf you’d like to make curtains, throw pillows, shower curtains or evenreupholster furniture, check out our store via our partner Spoonflower. Our fabrics come in multiple designs to match our patterned ceramic walltile. You can buy anything from a swatch to full yards in 24 different fabrictypes. Don’t know how to sew? Spoonflower also offers pre-made items usingour fabrics! You can also order our designs on wallpaper!We have the finishing touch!Clocks30

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FishFour StarMini-Stars31

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Spiro Cont.Subway StarsMore patterns coming in 2022 to match our extended patterned tile line! Always check our website for the latest additions to our tile line.33

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StarburstOrder our fabrics by the yard or pre-made in pillows, bedding, or just aboutanything! So many options for your décor.34

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AboutHave you ever walked into a big-box hardware store looking for THATONE THING for your mid-century home and left empty-handed and morethan a little disappointed?Are you all about preservation and restoration instead of chasing fads?Do you actively seek ways to make your mid-century home look like it’salways been that way?You’re in the right place. Make it Mid-Century was born from thedisappointment that Susan, the owner, also felt when she was looking forproducts to restore her mid-century home. We sell home improvementproducts and building materials specifically for mid-century houses likeyours.Are you concerned about your home improvement skills? We providedetailed instructions with each of our kits and products. We are also happyto work with your contractor or handyman to provide the supplies for yourremodel.Start improving today!35

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FAQWhere can I find solid core doors for use with the exterior door kits?Lowes: Depot: Supply: can I find hollow core doors for use with the interior door kits?Lowes: Depot: Supply: you make a custom design?We sure can! Contact us via the information on the back of this catalog.36Where can I find a flat panel garage door for your garage door kits?Menards: Other stores may have flat panel garage doors for special order.Are your shutters plastic?Our shutters are made from a recycled wood material. They are rated for exterioruse while saving wood cutoffs from a landfill and no plastic. Yippee!What sizes does your laminate come in?Our laminate comes in full sheet size (4’-0” x 8’-0”), half sheet (4’-0” x 6’-0”) andquarter sheet (3’-0” x 4’-0”). We cannot produce laminate in five-foot widths.Can I get decorative tile in other sizes/finishes?Yes! While our shop online concentrates on ceramic wall tile in two sizes (4 ¼” x 4¼” and 3” x 6”) we can also produce ceramic wall tile in nine other sizes, from 1”mosaic tiles to 12” x 18” tiles. We also have the ability to manufacture glass,porcelain and stone tiles for both walls and floors. Just ask!Will your fabrics also be offered in other prints to match yourdecorative wall tile?We are planning to update our current fabric offering along with adding any new patterns from our tile collection into our fabric collection. Watch our website for details! Lowes Lowes Menards Home Depot Home Depot Note: Other stores may have flat panel garage doors for special order. Menards Menards HD Supply HD Supply

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Questions? Contact us:Email: susan@makeitmidcentury.comCall or text: 844-696-MIMC (6462) toll-freemakeitmidcentury.comdoors | shutters | laminate | tile | fabrics | homePlease find our prices online.